My Week: Win some, lose some 

2016Hello folks. It was not a good week. The weather was terrible. My walk to the office was not pleasant. Whenever it is windy the wind is always against me. Pushing me back and not forwards.

Clients being emotional and irrational beings behaved accordingly. I still love most of them. 


When will this month end? It is going on and on!

I wanted to report my Trump level smugness on completion of all tax returns. Alas no.

We have eight left now. Of those 2 are awaiting approval. We are doing okay. I wanted all of them out of the way this week. It will not happen. Damn.

Gains and Losses

Like other practices, we gained and lost clients over the month. One loss is memorable.

A client with whom I got on very well decided to move on. There was a mutual liking of each other.

The client’s 2016/17 tax bill was significantly higher compared to the previous one. I was asked to reduce the tax bill by creating expenses. It was a polite no from me.

You know the saying, money comes first. The client called the next day saying he is moving on to someone local and the new accountant will take over 2016/17 tax return. I do not need to go further as to what the new accountant is likely to do. It happens. Best to move on and think about the new client gains.

The client gains appear to be the cautious type – do everything by the book. Maybes will visit other accountants and then decide.

Trusted Contact

Reading Any Answers, we are not any different to other general practices, in that we, as accountants, we are made aware of personal issues our clients are going through. We are their trusted contact.

This month, clients going through a relationship breakdown or health issues have increased compared to previous years. Maybe it is normal as practice’s client base grows.

One client, in particular, is going through a very difficult time. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. Understandably her tax return is no longer a priority for her.

Thinking about it, if my practice had big/established business clients, we would be dealing with employees and we would not be so involved with people issues. In the main, it would be professional and boring with good money. There is nothing wrong with it. It is not for me.

Executive Time

To use White House’s phrase I am looking forward to some executive time. In case you do not know, it is White House’s way of saying, time off work. Time for yourself.

2018 has started with an increase in stress level. The weather has not helped. It can only improve from here.

I am also further behind in my studies. Most of my weekend will be spent on tax CPD to try and catch up.  I have to make time for studies. It is vital CPD.

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