My Week: Studying CTA 


Hello folks. At this time of the year, I took in the great atmosphere on my walking commute to the office over the week.

People are in a good mood. Please nature DON’T ruin it with a disaster. The atmosphere is very different to depressing January that is to come! I am looking forward to the break.

On matters Trump, the more I learn about this billionaire moron, the less I understand how this prat become POTUS. Just watch THIS  The orange nightmare loves to be praised to the extent that those around him use it as a technique to get him on their side. Can you believe it, he is the leader of the free world! Whether it is a result of Russia’s interference remains to be seen.  I think it is.

Benefit of studying CTA 

I will not deny it. After a hard day’s work. The last thing I want to do is open tax manuals and start studying. Everything in me comes with 101 excuses not to study and just relax. I am so tired in the evenings.

Forcing myself to study, even at this early stage, is benefiting my work. I should have made the move to study a lot earlier.

I found that I am able to respond to client queries without research. I am getting more confident in tax matters. Further, key gaps in my tax knowledge are beginning to be addressed.

I will get back to my 5:00 am start routine again. Study for 2 hours before leaving for work. This works well. In the evenings, it is not easy.

Tolley manuals are ACE. Highly highly recommend. Also highly highly recommend CTA.  I think it should be an essential for accountants like me without practice experience.


You already know my views on ANY practice guru type articles advising accountants how to get that £1m fee bank or how to anything on practice matters. I think you get my sentiment.

To date, I have NOT read a single practice advisory article, where the writer has earned my respect with what they write or advise. It is mainly, I will TELL you how to suck eggs.

It is concerning when an article advises to ignore the competition. Thankfully, most of us are sensible and we are not taken in by these “experts”. Most of whom have zero practice owner experience or have even attempted to build a practice from nothing.

Dear practice owner, please allow me to state the obvious – ignoring competition is BUSINESS SUICIDE. It does not matter whether you are running a practice or a business. You HAVE to know your competitive environment. I thought that would be lesson one in Practice Guru School! If not, they need a better school or better still just give up and move on to something that will be of value to others.

In my next blog, I may explore what I think is our competitive environment. I do not have the answers. Thankfully, you know this. It will my best stab at it.

And Finally 

From an Android user, I have become an Apple fanboy. A couple of months ago, I bought 12.9 inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and an Apple Watch.  I use the iPad Pro in a big way for my CTA studies.  I am a paperless student.  Surprisingly I find Apple Watch great. Apple Pay with the watch is very convenient.

I bought iPhone X. I had reservations over Face ID. After using the X (only a day). All gone. A great phone.




3 thoughts on “My Week: Studying CTA 

  1. Thank you Tom.

    The reason I find iPad helps is because I have everything in one place. Also, it is so easy to carry it wherever I go. I use Notability app to highlight notes with the Apple Pencil. When I practice questions I use paper to draft answer and use iPad to read and high light questions.

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