My Week: Right Wall

successHello folks. Once again Trump kept me entertained. I think this week was his best worst act. As you know, POTUS retweeted videos about Muslims attacking non-Muslims without verifying the facts or the source of the videos. Well done PM for making it clear that it was wrong of POTUS.

Unlike Ms. Markle, my thoughts were about survival as a small practice owner. Is it all worth it? Can I do something better? Is there anything better? Over the last ten years was my ladder leaning against the right wall?

The Beginning

It has been over ten years since I left the world of employment. As you know, I started without practice experience and clients.

I have made many mistakes. Some of these were costly. I learned from them, and I moved on. The practice has grown. I am far from being well off, but I am okay. Having said that, as a senior level employee, my income would have been higher.


Over the week, I took a broad view of my last ten years or so. That was a downer. I will lay it on the line. It is the comparison of effort and returns that do not balance in my mind. The return (MONEY), could be significantly better. I am left thinking do I want to feel the same way in another ten years?


Another way, to look it is to see the last ten years as an investment and progress from here. I think there is something in it. With my experience, I can make better decisions. I feel, and I am more in control now.

The thought of taking on a part-time job did enter my mind. FT store would be open the regular hours with Q. The reason behind the thought is to keep my options my open. The small practice world has become increasingly competitive. I cannot see it getting better. Are advisory services a way out?

Change yours truly

For survival and success, it is important that I am open minded and adapt. In the last five years or so, I have become fixed in my views and cynical. There is room for that part of me. It has some advantages. At the same time, it is important not to have a closed fixed mind. Good ideas would be ignored.

One Basket

It is important to spread the risks. Meaning not to have all the eggs in one basket. Taking on a part-time job would adversely affect the progress of the practice. I will need to think about other ways I can spread my risk, to some extent, without a significant adverse effect on my practice.

Why now?

I would have preferred my doubts to have come to my attention five years earlier. I was too busy trying to make something out of a non-existent practice.

For my sanity and well being, I need to end a positive. I have sound systems, ten years relevant experience, my tax knowledge, and understanding will improve with CIOT, and I have a good office. I can build over the next ten years from a solid foundation that I have created with hard work, my cash, loss of earnings and in private tears.

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