VLCD: 26 November to 2 December

Monday 27 November

Bearing in mind I am on 600 calories a day, it is best not to walk 4 miles to work. I walked this morning. I am taking the bus back home.

This evening, I will have a Cookies and Cream bar. If I have Indian Daal Pot Meal, I may end up having the Cookies and Cream bar as well!

Hunger is okayish so far. It felt different not to have toast this morning before leaving for work.

Since, I slept without not so full stomach last night, I had good quality sleep.

Already, I am learning. I eat when I am not hungry. It used to be any time is eating time.

The other advantage with the packs is I do not have to think about what  I should eat. No planning, it is one of the Exante packs! Otherwise, I would eat whatever is in the kitchen and a eat a lot of it.

I am not sure, I will update the blog every day. Please do not assume the fact that I have not updated as things not going well.  They will be a weekly update to report on my weight loss/gain.

Sunday 26 November

It is Day 1 of my Exante VLCD. Early days I know, so far it is okayish.

I have had my two food packs – breakfast and lunch. On Both occasions, I had an Exante Cookies and Cream Bar. They are edible and satisfying.

Meal Replacement Cookie & Cream Bar: Image 01

This evening I am having Indian Daal Pot Meal. It is not like real Daal but it will curb my craving for a curry. I need to have curry at least once a day.

I have had Exante Daal Pot before, in NO way the real meal looks like the one in the picture below. Think of it as soup! Also, the quality is not what they show in the picture. It is less.

Meal Replacement Indian Daal Pot Meal: Image 01

I am fed up with being obese. It adversely affects my life in so many ways. This time round, something in my brain said to me get used to the hunger, more difficult days will come STICK WITH IT.  As you age, the price of not sticking with it is just too high. It is.

I am drinking a lot of water. This is important.

I will update this blog post every day for the whole week. Next week, it will be a fresh blog post to be used for the whole week.

Starting Point 

Weighed this morning, weight to lose is 52.5 lbs

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