Day 0: VLCD

Note to SelfWe are nearly towards the end of 2017 and I still have not made progress on weight loss.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I would like to end 2017 on a high. I want to show some progress on weight loss before 2017 is out. From tomorrow I am starting a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) on food packs.

My plan is to be on VLCD up to 24 December then review.

Up to today, I have not weighed myself since I did not want to face the bad news the scales would give me. I will weigh myself tomorrow.

What will the diet involve?

I have many Exante food packs that I ordered months back. I will use these.

Here is how the diet works from the horse’s mouth:

“How Total Solution works:


  • Enjoy 3 Exante meal replacements a day, replacing traditional meals
  • Ketosis-based 600 calorie diet
  • Increase calories to 800+ every fourth week
  • Choose from 73 delicious flavours of shakes, bars, soups, meals or desserts
  • Average 2-5 stone weight loss**Weight results may vary and are different for each individual.”

I want the end of 2017 to act as a motivator. I know it will be tough. As the saying goes it best keep trying and fail rather than not to try at all.

I will post a blog every day on how VLCD going for me.

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