My Week: New Engine

My MonthNi hao folks. It was a great week for Apple. Its flagship iPhone X sold out within 10 minutes of being made available for pre-order. Remember, the starting price tag is £999! We love function combined with beauty.

Moving on to matters directly related to yours truly. Not a blog worthy week, it is a meh My Week. At the same time, valuable work was done on the new engine of the practice. It is still WIP. 

Trusted System

As a professional, I have no doubt you know, to have confidence and use any system there needs to be trust in the system. It is built on reliability, accuracy and functionality of the system.

Over the week, a significant amount of my time was spent on Accountancy Manager (AM) ensuring accuracy, testing functionality and reliability.

AM for PM

In short, AM is now our chosen practice management software. Remember, I have used a few types of PM software in the past and NONE of these have met my needs. It is not to say AM is perfect. It has its weaknesses. For us, it looks like it will work and it will work well. I would like to add my usual caveat, it is early days. It means I reserve my final judgement.

My Week is not meant to provide detailed reviews of software so I will end AM subject now.

Body found

I have a new work experience person. Thankfully, with Q on leave, the office does not look as if it is closed anymore. Also, it is good not to be on my own in the office.

For Sale? 

A note was left for me from someone who wants to buy the practice lock stock and barrel. No thanks. He/she is NOT having it. It is my baby. I want to play with it for a while.


My walk to the office and back was what I needed at the start and the end of the day.  2 hours walking a day is good.

For this time of the year, we had excellent weather. Remember, if your clock does not use radio waves to reset itself, to put your clock an hour back on Saturday before you hit the sack. It is the official end of British summer time and the start of Christmas madness. On that note, I hope I am the first one to wish you a Merry Christmas and fantastic 2018. Do people really mean it when they say this?









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