My Week: The Enemy

inner-peaceBonjour folks.  I wish I can say I had a great week.  It was one of those weeks where the reason for my dissatisfaction was annoyingly yours truly.

Please allow for a psychiatrist couch blog. The practice, at this stage, does not have the budget for Harley Street. 

The Worst Enemy

I think as sacks of meat we really are our worst enemies. There is so much under our control yet we, well I, do not take action to take control when life gives me a lemon. At times, okay many times, I throw away the lemon and eat a decent all chocolate cake and NOT take any action to get back on track. The last sentence sums up my week.

I have no doubt, you agree it is important to use our time on areas that achieve our key objectives. With increasing number of distractions clarity of what we want out of work and life, is so so important.

Early Bird

Early mornings for me, same for many other people,  is the best time to start or work on those tasks that require a fair amount of brain power.  Once the morning is gone, premium brain power time is wasted.

Waking up early is vital for me. In order to get to the office, settle down and start addressing the brain power work during that premium brain power time. From here, productivity momentum builds up.

I got to the office two hours late than my normal start time. My days then were not the same. That feeling of being in control was not there. It then led to a domino effect for the rest of the week.


As you know, I am studying for CIOT Personal Tax paper. Nope, taxation manual was not read. It is important I study regularly. Little and often is the road to that magic 50%.


I failed to plan my week and I also failed to plan the night before as regards to the work to do next day. Going with the flow is not a good strategy.  Dare I say on a forum of down to earth people,  a rudderless ship does not get to its destination.


I plan to go the gym three times a week, on average, I go two times a week. I did not go the gym over the week. Resistance training is vital for an aging accountant. Otherwise bye bye practice (my baby) and hello retirement home (my nightmare).


I will sort my head out over the weekend. Time is just too valuable. The older I get the less I have of it. In addition to completing domestic chores, early nights followed by morning long walks. over the weekend, should do the trick.

The Good

A positive aspect of my week was decent weather at this time of the year. My commute to the office and back home involved using my legs. The morning walk makes me appreciate the fact that I am alive to enjoy the beautiful mornings and the return walk is a such a destresser.  I am not sure I will use my bicycle again as a means to commute. Driving or a car is a no-no for me. Closet eco-warrior has come out.

I reviewed our client list, I will be increasing fees for some clients. I am okay if they leave. They will leave room for more lucrative ones. Also, I am very pleased with FT Store. Every morning, I say to myself, that was a good move.

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