My Week: Mary Celeste

My MonthSalaam folks. For this time of the year, we had good weather. It motivated me, every day, to walk to work and back. Surprisingly I did not miss my bike. As long as I am active I am okay.

H Gone

H finished her internship with the practice over the week. She decided not to go into accountancy. After doing some research, her preference is retail management.

In the short period, she made a good contribution to the practice and she was easy to work with.  She will be missed.

Q Leave

It was also Q’s last week. She is on leave for a whole month! I really do not want her to take her leave in one go. As a small practice, I am not able to offer perks or a salary that match more established practices. It means I need to allow the perk of one month’s leave taken in one go.

It is always challenging when Q is on leave. I will have to manage.

Solo Working

I will be on my own in the office from next week. I do NOT like to work on my own. I need people around me. I find it soul destroying to work on my own for long periods.

Even as a student I studied in libraries. Mind you, at the time, studying at home was impossible.

I may get another work experience person and to fill up the office so that it does not feel like  Mary Celeste.  I am hidden behind dual monitors and I am at the back of the office. If I do not get another body in the office, it will look the office is closed.

PM Software

We made significant progress in populating the PM software Accountancy Manager (AM). At this stage, I reserve judgment on its effectiveness. Though initial impression is good. I will be spending more time on AM next week to really make it ours.

Lost Clients

On Friday the 13th, we lost two clients. Husband and wife with their own businesses each. Loss of about £300 plus VAT per month. The key reason for the loss is we missed the fact that the husband’s business exceeded the VAT registration threshold as the business progressed.  We failed to advise him to register for VAT

We helped and supported the business to sort out the issue. Once it was all sorted they decided to move on.

It is rare for us to lose clients. To be fair, we messed up. I have no doubt we will mess up in others in the future. It is part and parcel of running a practice/business. The key aspect, as you know, is NOT to repeat old mistakes but make new ones.

Next Week

No room for doom and gloom on My Week folks. I intend to use Q leave period and loss of clients, as a positive, to work on areas that I have been meaning to for some time. It is NOT the day to day stuff. It is work that will add value to the practice. The new work experience person will further update AM.

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