My Week: PM Software

Analyzing business chart on laptop

Ciao folks. It was Xero UK week. It is the time of year when Xero gods do their magic. This year it was NOT magic but a true miracle. It is impressive.

Hats off to you Xero UK  for getting 2000 Xero sheep NOT only to give up their valuable time BUT also pay for the privilege to attend that in all reality is a SALES conference. Damn it Xero that is beautiful. I am in admiration (honestly). 

Whilst trying to work out how I could get clients and potential clients to pay to listen to how good I am, we were working on the implementation of new Practice Management Software.

Accountancy Manager (AM)

My impression of AM is that it is what TaxCalc practice management (PM) should be if only they devote their resources to it. It looks like for TaxCalc sums add up better in other areas of software development. I understand, but a real shame since it is another software we have to use.


What does AM do that many other PM software we have used do not? On using it, it is designed with small practice mentality. Further, it is linked to Companies House, It picks up deadlines from Companies House. A big big big PLUS.

I could go on and bore you to death about a piece of software. I will stop here and conclude on the subject by saying so far, AM gets a big thumbs up from me. A nagging concern I have is some Any Answers post praising AM. These posts were made by people who joined the AW community today.


The work experience person (H) is working out very well. Damn it, it makes a difference when you have a high achiever working in your practice. I am NOT able to offer her a salary or career progression that she would get elsewhere. At the same time, I want to retain her.

I do need an admin person working 2 to 3 days a week at least, Since I have H, for the moment, I have parked my decision on how what I should do next.

Also, mid-October Q is off on her hols for a month. It will be interesting!

On the point made last week about working with women, I would like to add I also have a woman window cleaner. She is very good at her job and she is reliable.

Brisk Walking

The morning bicycle ride or a brisk walking is a great way to set up my day, it is excellent for productivity and reducing stress levels.

Over the week instead of cycling, I brisk walked to work and back. It is an hour’s walk each way, Compared to cycling, it felt safe and when I got to the office, I was in a better frame of mind.

I am not sure, I may just cycle over the weekends. Time will tell.






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