My Week: High IQ

MindsetNamaste folks. I do not know why I did not get much done over the week. It was NOT due to lack time. It is more the lack of will and discipline.

I cannot blame it on the weather or lack of physical activity. We had some good sunny days, and my bicycle commute was relatively safe. Even with not doing much, My Week, will not be a blank page. Never a dull moment in the small world of a micro, okay, small practice accountant.

Expect the Unexpected

With maturity and experience, I have learned to accept that life never goes according to plan. I now take it my stride and start taking next steps to try and move events in my favour.

I interviewed the work experience person last Saturday. I would not say a 100% fit to the job description; I wanted to give myself some time before making my decision of making her a job offer.

Before I made the offer, I received an email from the work experience person saying thanks but no thanks since she has a better offer from a large business. That was that. I had no one to fill the post.

Another Door

I went back to the drawing board and looked at other CVs I had received. One of them was a high achiever. Academically she has done incredibly well. I called her on Sunday, and we agreed that her start day would be Tuesday.

Hell, she is bright! We both agreed FT Practice Ltd is NOT the right environment for her. The practice is too small to offer her a job that would be fit her talent and more importantly she could earn significantly more elsewhere.

She joined the practice on work experience basis. She has returned from traveling, and she is looking for a job. She will be with FT Practice Ltd until she finds a job. That should not take long.


It is brilliant that she is working with us. It does not take me much time to explain to her work that needs to be done. She gets it straight away, and she does the work to a high standard. I love working with such a bright person.

It is the first time since FT Practice Ltd was formed, I have worked with a person who clearly has above average IQ. It is also combined with good people skills.

Good as it is to work with her, I want her to be in an environment that rewards and gives her job satisfaction that matches her intelligence. FT Practice Ltd is not able to do this.


I would like to address a couple of questions that were raised through PM and comments in the previous blog.

Leads Retail Unit

Overall we are getting more leads. It is a result of both the website and FT store. I do NOT think you can separate the two. People see the store, check out the website and then email or call. The store gives us a presence.


We have been using FileCente for over 8 years. We have found it to be a fantastic file management system. It is NOT a practice management system. Please see FC video below:


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