My Week: Outside Work

blogging_quoteNǐ hǎo folks. Since my bicycle needs repairs, from Tuesday onwards, I walked to work and back. At my pace, it took me 1 hour 10 mins each way. Mind you; I am a slow walker.

Walking to work is a different experience. It is relaxing since I do not have concerns about some nutter getting too close or too involved with his/her smart phone whilst driving!

I like the new experience of walking to the FT Store. Weather permitting, I will carry on walking to work next week as well.

It is not a high spirited My Week. You know me by now, I say what I feel and experience. It is also an earlier posting since I will not be able to draft the blog tomorrow.

Outside Practice Roles

We all have other roles outside our work. Work plays a key role in our lives.

With aging, it gets more difficult to achieve some sort of balance in different roles we play. Where you have an elderly parent(s) with a long term terminal illness, it is tough.

The longer life span raises real challenges not only for the aging children but also for the nation in terms of having the resources for meeting the needs for the increasingly elderly population. You know all this stuff.

My other role

Unless you have gone through the experience of a demanding elderly parent, I do not think you will be able to appreciate the impact it has on one’s life.  At the same time, you cannot blame the elderly. It is part of their condition.

For the past three years, in the background, I was, and still am, undertaking my role of caring for an elderly parent. Though, my siblings are playing a bigger role than I am.

It really does take the toll on the aging children who have to cope with other pressures such as earning a living and try to have some form of life before we reach the same age as the parent(s).


FT, make your My Week relevant to accountants readership! Okay. As much as I love having the independence and control of being an owner of my micro practice, over the past few months being an aging son of an elderly parent has been and is emotionally draining. It impacts on all my other roles, including the role of being a micro practice owner.

As I am happily working away, that damn smart phone rings, Caller name says, Mum. Parent not feeling well. Get some help. They are also endless medical appointments. If a carer does not turn up, you need to be there. It impacts on your work and well being. It drains you emotionally, even if others are doing more than you are.

What about my week?

At this stage, I am not so much concerned about growth. My main concern is keeping all the key balls in the air. It important to carry on as business as usual. I have been doing this, but my week was emotionally draining. I know it will not get any easier. I will have to find ways to keep business as usual. Life has to go on.

3 thoughts on “My Week: Outside Work

  1. Hi First Tab, Hope that you are well.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have a chat with you. Please let me know.


    1. Hi Faz

      Please PM through AccountingWeb -

      Please be aware I do not get involved in giving advice on practice matters.It includes setting up a practice advice.


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