My Week: Bucket List

Dandelion clock in morning sunCiao folks. I appreciate each day before we hit 29 October. It will be the official end of summer, and the clocks will also go back by an hour. I will miss the lighter evenings.

More Works

In true retailer style, a projection sign was fitted outside FT store. It looks excellent, and it is a head turner. HERE is an example of what I mean. Also, a trough light was fitted above the main signage. Example HERE.


I aged by a full year over the week. So what does the future hold for older me?

Aside from my weight, I do not have any health problems. I am not on any medication, and I am not in any pain. For as long as I am in this state (with less weight) I intend to carry on working and building my practice. I have no plans to retire. I cannot think of anything better to do than what I am doing now.

FT Store 2?

I am pleased with my decision to move out of serviced office and into a retail unit. I love it. As you know, the whole purchasing and renovation process was stress level 10.

Without a doubt, if I were years younger I would look into FT Store 2. Not renting but buying. It is an effective way to build a property portfolio and build a business. In my younger years, I was too busy trying to get to the next rung of the career ladder. Wasted years. Not worth acquiring the status and pay.

No, from me on FT Store 2. I will build from the current store.

Practice Bucket List

Keeping My Week relevant to AW, I have made a bucket list that is practice related. I am the birthday boy. Please indulge me.

  • Quadruple fee level.
  • A significant increase in practice automation.
  • Take on bright accountants without any experience and train them to stay with the practice or become highly marketable individuals and move on. Also, keep in touch.
  • Take on experienced client managers who manage client relationships and practice workload. They will also have realistic new fees targets.
  • Yours truly to be completely hands off from day to day and my role would be building and steer the practice with that feeling of satisfaction.

The above is possible. Remember, I started at home with no clients. It is easier to build when you have a client base. Now it is easier, but it is NOT easy. I love every minute of it!

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