My Week: 5:00 AM Alarm

working from homeSalaam folks. We had some sunny days over the week. The bicycle commute on beautiful sunny mornings, minus the school run traffic, was a real pleasure. Sadly, we are approaching the autumn season plus school run traffic back on the roads. Not long before the masses are asses are off again for the Christmas break. Best I distract myself from unpleasant thoughts about what is to come.

We have a long weekend. On that note, today’s My Week is long winded and rambling with fewer sub headings. You will have the time to read the longer than normal My Week.


I hope you agree with me, to be productive and successful, it is important to have a routine that ensures our time is NOT wasted. A clear routine means you know what to do,  when and where. Thinking about what to do next is poor planning and not a productive use of time.

Over the week, I got into my new routine that allows me to put time aside to study for my first paper of taxation examination. I would NOT call myself gifted. In other words, I need to put in the time to have a reasonable chance to pass the exam. I would go as far as saying, I need more time than average – probably.

On the positive side, folks, it really is persistence, rather than being above average or even average intelligence that has got me where I am today. Considering my back ground, I am in a good place. There are aspects of my personal life that I am disappointed about; I will discuss these in my autobiography to appear in the Sunday Times best seller list – of course!

I am losing track.  Getting back to my point about routine, in true non-Branson style, in my new routine, I have a 5 AM alarm set on my smarter than me phone. Surprisingly, I was up at about 4:45am. I was at my desk by 5:30 AM. I study for two hours. At 8:30 AM, I am on my saddle, pedalling to FT Store.

Early mornings is the best time to study – no distractions.

Time Wasting

Aside from this blog, I have cut out time wasting activities. My YouTube (my TV) time has reduced significantly. My Accounting Web browsing has also reduced. As you know, we have 24 hours in a day. It cannot be reduced or extended. In other words, NO we cannot have it all. We have to make an active decision how we use our time. For something new, we need to give up something old. There are no two ways about it folks.

I wish the older me came to the younger me and educated with the wisdom that I have gained over the years through hard experience. I would have been a multi millionaire and on Island! I am sure; the same applies to you.


I am not saying getting back to study manuals is easy but it is so damn satisfying. Believe me; the whole me was saying NO NO NO to start reading and attempting questions. It is something I NEED to do. To be blunt, with my current knowledge of UK taxation, I am not fit for purpose. I cannot pretend to be happy about this. I am okay now since I am addressing one of my key professional weakness.

Age and Study

I know you have heard the phrase, age is just a number. What nonsense! Age reflects the stage of life you have reached and how far you are from the damn inevitable.

In my self-talk, I say to myself, at this stage of your life take it easy. You have worked very hard through your life.

Do you want to hear the truth? I do not know much else besides work. All I have done is work. In any other situation, I feel awkward and want to run away and get back to work. To me work is life. Achievement of challenges gives me real satisfaction. I often wonder what I will say to myself on my death bed? Probably YOU prat. YOU MESSED UP! I am okay with this.

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