My Week: Core Business

Business PlanNi Hao folks. Our beautiful summer is fading away. Within a few weeks, our days will be significantly shorter. Summer madness will be followed by what is even worse – Christmas madness.

In Europe, life appears to be one long holiday. “Move away; I have worked hard, I deserve/need my holiday!” Holidays are seen as a right and not a privilege.

I blinked after 1 Jan, and we are in month 8 of 2017! Moving on to my first week in month 8. Please allow for a fair amount of rambling in today’s My Week.

FT Store

I am very happy with the FT Store now. All the problems are sorted. It has come at a high price. I was taken advantage of by those I appointed from the building trade. One thing is certain; you WILL BE taken advantage of by those involved in the building trade. It appears to be their code of ethics – screw or be screwed.

I love the internal branding of the store. More importantly, clients and potential clients compliment on the branding. It is different but at same time constrained for an accountant’s store.

The only outstanding items are lighting above the external signage and fitting a projection sign.

Please allow me to pat myself on the back and say to myself – Great move FT! I am very pleased with the store now.

Core Business

It is now very long over due time to get back to the core business of FT Practice Ltd. It NEEDS my attention. There is a lot in my in-tray. I need to think where do I start first. Here is a sample of areas I need to address:

  • Status of practice’s work load. Need to have a catch up with Q.
  • Review and improve systems.
  • Practice’s accounts and financial performance
  • Get back to the routine of monthly client newsletters
  • Review and decide whether to take on an apprentice or an experienced practice accountant
  • Diarise monthly reviews of the practice.Clients -leavers/starters. Eye on fee levels and targets. Make any changes

TaxCalc Cloud Connect

As you know, it is not often that I praise software suppliers. In this instance, praise is deserved. Please let me elaborate.

We are a long term satisfied customer of TaxCalc. Over the week, we subscribed for TaxCalc Cloud Connect. It is where your Taxcalc database is stored in the cloud. It means you can access TaxCalc from anywhere where you have internet access, and you have TaxCalc software on your PC.

Cloud Connect is working very well. As regards to the speed and usability, it is not any different to using the database stored on a desktop or a server. The massive advantage being you are not bound to just work from just one place. It frees you from working from your office/home only.

I look forward to other developments from the Apple ethos company. Remember, I moved to Digita and within just a few months moved back to TaxCalc.

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