My Week: Accountant’s Shop

successHola folks. It was a week where Londoners packed their suitcases and decided to desert the great city for their annual pilgrimage to worship the sun.

By now, you know the weird me. I tend to buck the trend in virtually every area of life. Marriage, children and even being an accountant. I am NOT normal folks. It is not easy being me. Let’s move on from my biographical narrative.

Life in an Accountant’s Shop

It is an interesting experience being in a shop on the main road. You are noticed. Here is a sample of sacks of meat who walked through our door:

  • On two different occasions people walked in, they appeared to be competitors. They asked for my business card and left.
  • Three potential Had a chat. They said they would be back.
  • Two major banks Relationship Managers. Introduced themselves. They were obviously looking for referrals. It was good to meet them.
  • A teenager asked if we had a security camera. He was looking for the culprit who stole his bag.
  • Existing clients, who just wanted to see our new premises.

I have got used to the traffic noise. Life as a shopkeeper accountant is different and interesting so far.

Shop Works

Charlatans! I am talking about the contractor and the signage people. My brilliant shop on which I spent my life savings on, has rain water coming through the ceiling.

On Thursday, we had a heavy down pour of rain. Rain water came through the ceiling. It is as a result of exposed area between the signage and the shop building. The area is not sealed. It should have been. Neither the contractor or signage people are taking responsibility. They are both claiming it is the other party.

Leaking toilet is now fixed, and the terrible smell is no longer there. I had to get someone else and pay extra. The leak had to be stopped before further damage occurred.

The shop now also has all new decent heating. Completed over the week.

My Week

I said in last week’s My Week post that it could only get better from here. I was wrong. My week was worse. It was the stress of trying to get the contractor, signage people and the Project Manager, to see that they have failed to undertake their obligations. They simply refuse to accept any liability and correct the works.

I will not get anywhere. I will find someone else to correct the work and pay extra.


The shop looks very good. It is NOTICED, and it is a head-turner. I am NOT regretting my decision. I am pleased with it. At the same time, last few weeks have been very difficult. Until all the building issues are sorted, my high current stress level will not change. Honestly, life can be such a bitch!

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