My Week: Wimbledon

Bonjour folks. Please allow for more content, than normal, not relating to small practice matters. My fingers just type whatever I feel I need to get out of my system. Life is more than accounting, tax and running a small practice. Further, My Week blogs are my observations and key events of my week.

The weather over the week was fantastic. My bike ride to the office during the first week of Wimbledon was a challenge. The number of near misses I had during the busy Wimbledon season increased substantially.

I am not a tennis fan, but I absolutely love the atmosphere during the Wimbledon season. They are the usual adverts of status brands like Rolex and Ralph Lauren who try to associate themselves with Wimbledon. This is so that they can further connect with those aspiring to be or are over-achievers and the rich.

A girl in polka dot dress was allowed entry to Wimbledon without a ticket or cash to buy the best row seats. Further, the fact she is on State benefits, for a change, was not frowned upon in Wimbledon or disapproved by the status symbol brands. Quite the contrary, she was given a star treatment all round.

Of course, unlike you and me, the girl did not have to queue for Strawberries and Cream. I understand, her children were in good care by state-supported nannies. All this is acceptable because, through marriage and NOT merit, she got her fairy tale life. The cherry on top is that she did not have to kiss a single frog to bag her Prince. Meanwhile, yours truly, a mere commoner, through the accident birth, had to deal with dodgy sacks of meats in the building trade. Talk about life being unfair! Moving on.

Paperless Gym

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I joined The Gym. I am impressed with their customer onboarding. From the start to the stage I entered the gym, I did not have human interaction. Yet, I felt that on online onboarding process was far superior compared to getting emotional and unpredictive sacks of meat involved.

I have not had a single piece of paper from The Gym. Even the entry to the gym is through a pin code. They have got their systems and IT spot on.

Further, after my visits to The Gym, I received automated emails that made me feel good about going to the gym. Remember, no sacks of meat interaction. I volunteered to have a human interaction by booking an induction session. Get sacks of meat involved and your experience will vary. Induction was okay but not that much of a help.

Applying to Practice

My experience with The Gym, made me ask myself, how can I improve our client onboarding process? Like the Gym, how much can I automate the process so that sacks of meat interaction are kept to an absolute minimum and yet clients are left feeling warm and fuzzy. Like me with The Gym. It needs thinking through. I have some ideas that I am playing around with. I will cover this topic further in later blogs. It is an area that is well worth improving.

FT Tower

Works in the FT Tower are now 95% completed. I have passed my snag list to the contractor. He said he will deal with it. The architect has found an air conditioning unit that does not need an outside condenser. It is well worth a mention The cost will be at least £5k. Not more cash outflow, please! I may not have an option.

Client Recruitment

New client recruitment is going well. With the FT Tower, taking my time, we cannot cope. I also failed to sign on two good clients since I am distracted by FT Tower works. Not long to go, before we will be settled in a place that used to by vision and is now a reality. Well, just about a reality. Life is not perfect, dreams are.

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