weight-lossNǐ hǎo folks. I am very tired. Today’s My Week is not exactly a page turner.

I did not have a good week. It was full of disappointments and frustrations. Unfortunately, life does NOT resemble the world of Disney, where I am the good looking tall (damn nature!) prince who saves the world and end up with an over the top beautiful girl.Reality is tough, dirty, unpleasant and occasionally mixed with good times. Despite, life being life, I love it. I cherish each day. I am glad to be alive and healthy.

When an elderly parent is going through what can only be described as a long period of hell, it really makes you think – Why this! Why me! It is also emotionally draining. At the same time, life has to go on since the majority of us need to earn a living. Let’s talk about it.

Launch Date

Broadband permitting, our first day of trading from FT Tower is 17 July. The unit is looking good and in the main fits with my vision. It does not mean; I do not have some areas that nag me:


The unit is West facing. It means it will get very hot. With the new shiny glass frontage, the sun’s heat will further increase. Over the week, I looked at options to address this issue:

  • 3m window solar film. It reduces the heat significantly. The downside is outsiders would not be able to see inside of the unit. The point of the unit is to act as a 24-hour business card. Window film would have an adverse impact on growth.
  • Solar blinds branded – These would reduce the heat. They would only be used at the time the sun gives us its worst. This is the option; I am now going with. The delivery period is long. Well after we have moved in.

Desks and Broadband

Our move is dependent both on the broadband and desk being delivered before the launch date. Without any one of these, we cannot move. I want to move. As it is I am paying business rates for FT Tower and the serviced office. Also, I am not sure the current landlord will give us a further extension to our tenancy. I am concerned about losing Q’s chargeable time if the unit is not ready. I can work from home.

The Gym

I decided to join The Gym. It is cheap as chips. I need to get in some shape. The good thing is I can cancel the monthly DD any time. I like the fact it is open most of the time, and it is reasonably near to where I live.

The plan is to go early mornings before heading off to FT Tower. This time next year, like Arnie, I will win Mr. Universe. Maybe.

Care to comment?

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