My Week: The Business Card

weight journalSalaam folks. The sun was at its best over the week. It gave me an opportunity to buy ice creams to share with Q. Once again, the bicycle ride to the office on beautiful summer mornings was enjoyable and relaxing.

The heat made some nights difficult to sleep. Still, I love the summer in my locality. Not that, I am part of the social scene. I am just a boring so and so folks.

Wimbledon Tennis starts on 3 July. The start of Wimbledon puts summer on the map for me. Moving on to matters small practice.

Furniture and Broadband

The installation of our broad is further delayed. I was informed by Virgin that it is because some construction works needs to be completed for cabling. They needed local authority permission before digging the relevant portion of the street.

There is also a delay in the delivery of desks I ordered. These are made to order. The revised delivery date coincides with the broadband installation.

The delays have meant I had to extend my stay at our current address. Not forgetting, paying additional two weeks rent, and since I have two business properties in the same local authority, I have to pay business rates on FT Tower. It is what it is.

The Business Card

The external signage was installed, and 90% of internal signage (branding) was also installed. Further, all the electrics and lighting work is now completed. 80% of internal renovation is also now completed. The small unit, I have to say, folks, looks WOW! Others may not think in the same way. I do. Blood, sweat, tears and a lot of cash has gone into this project. I am bound to be biased.

The way the architect and the branding consultant have designed the unit acts as a stylish business card on the street. The lighting is well thought through. The internal signage can be seen by those walking and driving by. The lighting is meant to show off FT Tower. In the evening the unit will, I think (I hope), will turn some heads.

Street Numbering

As you may be aware from a previous My Week, that I made an application to our local Council to change the door numbers since my neighbour and I have the same door number. The issue is still not resolved.

The council, as I expected, decided in my favour. The neighbour has the right to appeal. I am sure he will. It will delay the final decision by a few more weeks. We really are an odd sacks of meat race. He will have a letter after his number. What is the big deal! The current situation is already causing confusion.

Ketogenic Diet

I started reading about Ketogenic Diet. I have not decided whether to follow it. I need to research it further before making any decisions. For what I have read, it achieves impressive results.

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