My Week: PMA

20131213-201616.jpgHello, folks. It was a beautiful week weatherwise. I love the long summer days and my morning bicycle commute to the office.

If only I can sort out my damn weight, I would enjoy London even more. That is the subject of a personal blog.

Please allow for a reflective and biographical My Week; I am in that sort of mood.

Dream and Rationality

The renovation costs of FT Tower continue to increase. At times, I asked myself, once again, am I doing the right thing? Have I made a rational investment decision or am I pursuing a dream without any logical thinking behind my actions? The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is that the key driver in my action has been the dream rather than a cold-hearted rational investment decision. There I said it!

If I had allowed the rational part of my brain to dominate my thinking over the purchasing decision of the retail unit, I would NOT have gone ahead. TBH they were 101 reasons not to go ahead. There were overruled by my strong desire to pursue a vision. To the extent, I showed all my cards to the agent – I want this property! Hardly a good bargaining strategy.


Of course, as you know dear reader, after the brilliant honeymoon, comes down to earth reality. From the small practice perspective, it hits you when you run into all the challenges and the people who you pay good money let you down. The key trigger of damn reality is an outflow of cash to solve problems. It makes you (well me) tell yourself, “I want to go back how it was!” This is NOT working out the way I expected.

Will Work

In my calmer moments, like now, I KNOW this will work. I have no real basis of saying it, I just KNOW.

On my way home today, I stopped by FT Tower, as I entered the building, it felt GREAT. This place is MINE, I said to myself. I have small ( I mean small) business premises in London. Me? Yes, many accountants have bigger and better premises, and I have no doubt doing far better than I am, but hey, this blog is about yours truly.

On the rare occasions, when I think positively myself, it is when I think every single penny has been made my me. No inheritance, partner, divorce settlement, handouts from any party and certainly not from a good educational background. It is just me, through years of very hard work and hardly any holidays. It is why I feel so much with such a massive outflow of cash. At my age, it will not be easy to make it again should I lose it all. I WON’T.


A positive mental attitude is vital for my wellbeing and getting a return on my investment. They are many self-help books and videos on developing a PMA. For me, PMA comes from gaining control over my work, good sleep routine, cycling and resistance training.

I have lost control over my todo list. Currently, I have a poor sleep routine, and I have neglected exercise. Cycling as a means of commuting for me is a real pleasure. I need restart resistance training.

Now I have thought about what makes a PMA for me; I will work on developing it. Making the changes, once more, that I need to make.

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