My Week: Think Retail

Make doshCiao folks. It was a week in which UK plc’s shareholders decided on the restructuring of UK plc. The CEO has tough times ahead. Who would want to do her job? Another applicant for the CEO job, against all odds, did extremely well. So near and yet so far.

I as CEO of UK plc’s subsidiary, FT Practice Ltd, did not have an easy week either. Of course, my challenges are not widely reported since they are not of public interest.

I am exhausted. It is not easy to draft today’s My Week. I still want to. Here goes.


The works on FT Tower are going well. It will look great. We have found an okayish solution to the lack of ventilation. We now have a small window above the door. Also, there is a cooling unit that was recommended by the contractor doing the work. It will be of some help.

Man and Van

I had arranged for a man and van to move to our new abode. My plan was for removal to be on Saturday 17 June. I would use the weekend to set up the practice. We then start operating from our new abode on Monday 19 June.

I was informed that we cannot have broadband by 19 June. Without it, we cannot move to our new abode. As you know, the nature of our work means broadband is a necessity.

I had to agree with my current landlord an extension of my stay to 30 June. Broadband permitting, we will start operating from our new premises from 1 July. I have to pay 2 weeks of rent.

Budget + 50%

Projects do not tend to met budget. They are many unexpected variables that come up. The expenditure on the project will be budget + 50%. It is a lot. This is the reason, at times, I doubt, whether buying commercial property is the way to go. IT IS.

Retailer NOT Accountant

On FT tower works, I changed my accountant mindset and adopted retailer mindset. For the premises to generate new business, it is best to learn from the experts on how to get the punters through the door. I cannot think of anyone better than retailers on this aspect.

Retailers know so well that as sacks of meat, we are influenced by aesthetics. Think Apple store, department stores, and holiday resorts. We want beauty. Top bricks and mortar retailers have got this spot on.

Of course, FT Practice Ltd retail unit will be tastefully toned down. It is a necessity to be perceived as trustworthy accountants.

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