My Week: Sleepless in London

crappy dayHola folks. I hope in 2017 they will be a My Week post where I will say I had a great week. NOT today.

It was a stressful week with sleepness nights in gorgeous London summer. As you know, the lack of sleep leads to even more stress. I think I can put this week down as the worst one in 2017 to date.

I do not think you will find today’s My Week of much interest. It was even more self-centered than usual.


If there is a next time, I get involved in a commercial project; my first question would be what about ventilation in the building? Even before an architect puts pens to paper, I would inform him/her think ventilation first and then think about making it look beautiful.

The unit looks fantastic from the outside now. It has a white aluminum GLASS frontage. The look is striking. It gets a big TICK on the head turner front. Well done architect. Great design.

The Problem

The architect did NOT think of ventilation in FT Tower. It needs an air conditioner. The all glass frontage means there is NO outside wall to put extractor units. What a stupid blunder! As you know London is so built up, the buildings are next to each without any space. Unless you are the last unit on the street before a junction, you only have the front wall.

So, FT Tower will look great. I am throwing a shedload of cash at it. What is the point when in the afternoon with direct sunlight coming through the glass, we will not be able to work? Not only this, yours truly is probably breaching a few Health and Safety rules.

The Architect

The architect is on holiday at the critical stages of the project. So far he has not responded to my emails. Thankfully, he is back next week.

My thinking is one of his key roles in addition to the design, was to make sure the unit is conducive to a professional working environment. He has failed here.


I managed to get a ventilation and air conditioning expert on site. He was shocked. There was no place to put the extracting units. He suggested 3m transparent solar window film. That will reduce the heat by 30%. That is something, but it is not enough.

I tried getting other ventilation and air conditioning experts on site – No luck. I cannot even put portable air conditioning unit since there is now no wall or window we can put the pipe, so hot air goes out of the premises.

Meanwhile, the contractors are carrying with the work.

What to do?

I am lost for ideas as regards to what to do. I introduced myself to my neighbours a ballet outfit shop and a hairdresser. They both confirmed that it gets very hot in the afternoons. They both have air conditioning.

I am not sure whether fans would be adequate.

The search for a solution and my high-stress level continues folks. I need to find a way out of this mess. I MUST.

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