My Week: Time Machine

my new bikeGuten Tag folks. It was a tough week on both fronts, client work and FT Tower works.

Project Manager

Over the week I questioned myself whether the PM is the right person and whether he is value for money for FT Practice Ltd. His role is two-fold. Design/plan the layout of FT Tower and manage the implementation at the best possible price. He has failed on the second aspect of his brief.

Outside his design work, I am doing it all. Getting quotations and selecting the people who would undertake a variety of work in FT Tower.


I have not discussed my concerns with the PM. The project is coming to an end (hopefully), if I raise anything now, my worry is that I will lose whatever good input I would otherwise get from him.

When I appointed him, I was incredibly busy, and I did not have a formal written agreement/contract with him. It would have outlined clearly my expectations. Come to think of it; he did not provide anything formal for me to sign either.

I thought after years of experience; I would NOT get the basics wrong. I did. It is now hitting me where it hurts – my bank balance.


The reality of the project hit me over the week. I started to have doubts. I asked myself whether I have made the right decision to move on from serviced offices. I have the comforts of a service office support function. At present, by paying rent and broadband costs, I do not have the worry about anything else.

Also, FT Tower is NOT perfect as it was in my dream. There is the dream, and there is damn reality where problem one is followed by problem 99! Resolving these involve throwing cash and even more cash. The worst part is even after this; it does work as you dreamed! Stupid real life!

Time Machine

If I got a time machine that only allows going back three months, would I put an offer on FT Tower? The way, this week has gone, the answer is a BIG FAT NO. Yes, I said NO!

Time Machine, unfortunately, is only science fiction and NOT science fact. I made the decision, and I HAVE To Make it WORK. Something in me knows that I will. There also that voice in me saying it is the right way to go despite my current reservations.

Health and Wellbeing

Neglecting my health has not helped. Aside from cycling that I love, there is nothing else I have done that looks after my body. In fact, some of my activities have an adverse impact on my health.

I think my doubts and me not so happy with myself is simply because of significant change and uncertainty. Like anything else, this too shall pass.

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