My Week: The Why

Dandelion clock in morning sun

Bonjour folks. It was a hellish week. It got too much for me. My stress was over selecting a contractor to do the work in FT Tower.

The project manager whose role it was to provide me with three quotations, only got me one- his choice. I suspect, he would get a cut from his chosen contractor. 

I managed to get two other quotes from our clients who are in the building trade. All the three quotes, we reviewed, were more or less of similar in costs.

After discussing the quotes with the project manager, I went for the project manager preferred choice. I do not think it would work as well otherwise.


I have purchased a small unit. The work could have easily been done without a project manager and a branding consultant. I will explain why I am doing what I am doing at substantially higher costs.

The project manager is an architect. He knows how to make a small place look not so small. His designs prove that he will bring some flair to an otherwise what would have been a dull accountant’s practice. I do not want to spend most of my waking hours in such a place. Just the project manager designs justified his fee. There was no way I would have come up with his design.


The office furniture he has suggested will make the small unit a great place to work. He convinced me that using the existing furniture will just not work. I now see his point. So the current furniture will be donated to a charity and FT Practice Ltd will buy everything new.

Branding Consultant

The branding expert and the architect have worked closely together on the plan to brand the unit. The designs have proved that they have done a brilliant job. On my own, it would have been another TaxAsssit unit. I am NOT TaxAssist or Xero (have you seen some websites!). I have my brand that I love, and I am totally committed to it.

Accountant Thinking

My accountant’s brain looking at the costs on a spreadsheet did shout at me and said, NO! NO! It is too much. It is why accountants are not good in business and in the main have a back office role.

We are certainly not visionaries or risk takers. Are accountants business advisers? Come on! That is just talk of practice gurus. Most of us do not even have our own house in order. How can we advise others! We are mere technicians. Let’s not pretend we are more than what we really are.

I had real difficulty in getting out of my accountant’s brain, think long term and go with my vision. Even now I question myself about the whole project and the costs. There is something inside me that so wants to do what I am doing.

Will it Work?

Just think if we allow thought of failure to stop us taking actions. As sacks of meat race, we would have become extinct millions of years ago. On this project, I have gone with my gut. Failure would be me not following my vision.

I think the property purchase is a no brainer. Paying rent has no capital return. I cannot say I should have done this earlier. I tried. It did not work. Fourth time lucky.

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