My Week: 10 May 2017

successA warm Namaste folks. It was a historic week in the life of FT Practice Ltd.

As if you need reminding, there was also over hyped Accountex over the week. There was no way to stop getting emails that mentioned the occasion. Sift went into overdrive. New content = more revenues! And why not.

For me, it is a less than noteworthy sales conference. I am so glad it is over – until the hype next year.

Let’s not forget behind  “we are friendly people, and we really want to help you message” – there is a far stronger motivating force – dosh dosh dosh! Cynical old me.

Alternative Perspectives

Thankfully, as sacks of meat, we do not all think in the same way. The world full of people thinking like me – not a good place! Here are alternative perspectives from the start-up practice blogger – Neophyte and AW’s veteran blogger Glenn Martin.

Getting back to my week, I apologise, for coming up with my predictable phrase once again – hell, it was a tough week! It really was.

Historic Date

The purchasing process of FT Tower went into overdrive. I had to digest long emails from my conveyancing solicitor. Some of it I did not understand. I asked for an explanation. It was provided, with even more legal jargon that I did not understand.

The solicitor had his usual get out clauses. From these, the message was clear – “don’t blame me later or ever!”

In the end, I signed. Sort of knowing what I signed.

10th May 2017, is a historic date in FT Practice Ltd’s life. It is the date; yours truly became the legal owner and key holder of FT Tower Ltd. Gulp!

I am going through a mixture of emotions. Excited, nervous, worried, very happy and doubtful.


The project manager and the branding expert produced drawings on the layout and the look of FT Tower. Again these changed based on my request. They are now what I want and fit with my vision.

The project manager has produced works schedule providing clear instructions to the people who will be doing the work.


My discussions with the project manager and branding consultant went into overdrive. My objective is to get the fit out completed within the next three weeks and for us to move within a month. The move in date I have planned is 19 June.

By tomorrow we will have two quotations for the works. On Sunday, I will make a decision which one to go for. The plan is by next week Wednesday/Thursday works should start.

Core Business

All this is a major distraction from our core business. I have to be honest and say, there is an adverse impact on client service. I am not happy about it. It cannot be helped. It is only another month (I hope).

FT Practice Ltd is entering into the next phase of its development. Exciting times ahead. Maybe, maybe not.

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