My Week: Sign here xx

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Ni Hao folks, a really tough week. There was the usual day to day stuff, trying to keep those emotions in control and there was also addressing the needs of various stakeholders towards the final stages of acquiring those keys to FT Tower.


I tend to do things on my own. I do not have the luxury of talking to someone who I am close to, and I trust. We as sacks of meat are excellent at adapting and doing the best under our circumstances and hope for the best. It does NOT make it less easy when it comes to BIG decisions. Far from it.

Over this big decision week, I adapted and did my best under the circumstances. We are social animals. I think my decision(s) would have been better If I had someone whom I could trust on my side. It is what it is.

Surveyor’s Report

I received the surveyor’s building report on FT Tower. For £800+VAT I expected more. The report had the usual surveyor’s get out clauses. His report stated: did not lift the carpet, did not climb to see the condition of the roof, I could go on.

I know we are living in a highly litigious world and this is to be expected. I think it would have been best not to waste my £800+VAT. As long as the building is not The Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is okay. However, then, I would still want the surveyor to confirm that I am right and it would be just too risky to go for The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The conveyancing solicitor is more or less the same as the surveyor – get out clause after get out clause.

Funds Transferred

A huge chunk of money (huge for me) was transferred to my solicitor’s client account to be handed over to the vendor at an appropriate time. It is now sitting there awaiting collection after the seller signs the contract in the areas marked xx. I have put my squiggle on areas our conveyancing solicitor left kisses for me on the FT Tower contract.

Emotions See-Saw

I have been going through a see-saw of emotions. Yes, I have done the right thing. No, I am not young anymore, how stupid is that decision. It will work. No, it will not work.

Remember, in the background; I have to do my best and keep it all together. Not to let things slip in a major way. Meeting the information needs of diverse stakeholders, solicitor, project manager, clients family, so on and so on.

Guess what my of coping was/is – Food, Glorious Food! Not good.

Stay as I was/am?

I think most of are strange and emotional wrecks. We did not want to stay as we are, and we prefer not to face significant risks. Nope. Life does not work that way. No pain. No gain. It makes me think to advise as a practice guru is so easy. They just say, (I cannot stand them) rather than do and face real risks.


I will make this work once those keys are in my hand. It will be within the next two weeks. I just have to get used to the initial outflows of cash from FT Practice Ltd.

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