My Week: FT Tower

hit rateBonsoir folks, it was an incredibly busy week. I am left feeling there was such a lot to do, but I did not achieve that much. It is not a good feeling. I am following the trend of Royals talking about emotions!

My week was stressful because I had to deal with aspects that I had no control over. As I have mentioned before, it is the lack of control that leads to stress.

The Planning Officer

I had an argument with the Planning Officer of our local authority about the lack of progress on my change of use application. They failed to meet their deadline. The estate agent was chasing me to make progress with the purchase of FT Tower.

Arguing with the Planning Officer who makes a recommendation whether you get that change of use is not a sensible way forward for anyone with an ounce of business brain.

The Planning Officer can easily delay matters further by saying that some insignificant piece of information is missing. It then allows them a further eight-week delay!

After my argument, I felt like banging my head on my desk.  How stupid was that! How stupid!


An hour or so after my call, I was informed about the decision of the Planning Department. It was in my favour. It granted FT Tower change of use to A2. For those who are not familiar with what it means, FT Tower can now operate as an accountancy practice with A2 use permission.

The decision went my way. What a relief! In all honestly, I did mess this up by arguing with the public servant. Thankfully, I had a small amount of luck (for a change!) and a Planning Officer who did not let my temper sway his decision.

Also, my change of use was a DIY application. I was not willing to pay anyone £800+VAT plus £400 for the application fee. Here again, the Planning Officer, surprisingly, helped me by being specific in his request for the missing information. All I can say is PHEW!


Over the week, I appointed an architect /project manager and a branding consultant whom I have a lot of time and respect for. They will support me with the branding and the fit out. Costly, but it needs to be done. Over the long term, I will get the return.

Next steps

Next week, I will get the surveyor’s report on FT Tower. That will be passed to the solicitor for his consideration. The bottom line is I have gone too far not to go ahead. Unless there is something major, I will exchange contracts.

I am fairly sure contracts will be exchanged by the end of the first week in May. It will take probably three weeks or less for the fit out. It means by June FT Practice Ltd will move to its rightful place – FT Tower!

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