My Week: Minimalism

yes-no-maybeSalaam folks, one advantage of public holidays, is that sacks of meat rush off and take their leave earlier than the official public holidays. As someone who deviates to the extremes of the normal distribution curve, the relatively quiet period gave me a chance to work towards becoming a minimalist from a small practice and personal life perspective. It is a less stressful way and more efficient way to live.

Personal Life Minimalism

Just think, the amount of stuff we accumulate that we either do not need or no longer need. Also think how less stressful how lives would be if we action all we accumulate we do not need by:

  • Sell on eBay/Charity shop
  • Trash
  • Email archieve/trash/ todo= Zero Inbox
  • Electronic files – sort, delete, proper file naming structure
  • Personal finances as above

I cannot achieve minimalism overnight. It is steadily working at it every day and not buying stuff that is not needed. NOT buying that new iPhone 8 (note to self) or the Apple Watch (BIG note to self).

Roomba robots, Amazon Echo, and various other items are now on eBay. Some stuff was taken to a charity shop. I have my thin days’ clothes that I just do not have the heart to give these away since that would be admitting defeat. One day, I have been saying to myself for years, I will fit into those clothes. One day.

Small Practice Minimalism

We returned client papers that we were holding on to for some time. It was for no other reason than we could not make an effort to mail them.

We also got rid of some clutter that was lying in the office.

One of the key tasks is cleaning up our electronic files. They are in an okayish state but just not good enough.

Before we move to our new premises, I want to achieve small practice minimalism. This way, we are organised and they would be less stuff to move.

Matters Property

At the last minute, the local authority planning department asked for further information before they make the change of use decision on the business property. I managed to provide them all the information. It took the time to deal with their requests.

We will hear next week, on the outcome of our DIY application. If the change of use consent is not given, I cannot go ahead with the purchase. It would be no point since I will not be able to operate from the premises.

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