My Week: Internet Age

Analyzing business chart on laptop

Ciao folks, my week just flew. It started with Monday, and so soon it was Friday. Time is one key constraining factor we all have.

Please allow me space for My Week to take a turn, meaning for some reason I want to draft Practice Guru type of dirty blog. Please forgive me.

As a small practice owner, I need to get the most productivity out of each minute of practice’s time. It means my time and my employees time.

Stating the damn obvious; we are living in an internet age. It has made our field increasingly competitive. We do not have the luxury to pass on the cost of our inefficiency to our clients.

Further, as you know, cloud software makes our clients move easily. For example, the new accountant takes over Xero subscription. Boom. Done. It has a minimal impact on our clients.


I do not think as a small practice owner I can be complacent and not always think efficient ways of working and being a step ahead or at least being equal to my competitors. In 2017, for me, it is very noticeable that success ingredients include being agile, adaptable and accepting change is the norm. It is best put by management gurus – “embrace change”.

It is vital to take advantage of the efficiencies that the Internet age offers. Age, gender, race and weight are no longer barriers to success. Complacency is.


I think one of the real challenges, in addition to efficient management of FT Practice Ltd’s scarce resource, is asking the right questions so that I can distinguish what information is relevant to us. As you are well aware, we are bombarded with information. The key is selecting the information we need. In order determine the information I need I have to ask the right questions. Believe me, that is easily said than done.


So, why I am rambling on so much in today’s My Week. Simple. At this time of the year, my plan was to improve the running of the practice.  Apart from some changes, I am no way near where I want to be.

My brain and my Evernote have some great ideas on PM, but my scarce resource has been used up in the property purchase and all that goes with it! It is swallowing up my time. At times, I wish it would all go away.

What about My Week!

I am sure you already know what there is need to know on the property purchase process. My time was taken up on this aspect.

Q asked for four weeks leave again. She justified the long period of leave by saying that we are living in the broadband age. It means she does not need to be in the office to respond to anything pressing that comes up.

She made a good case. I could not argue. I agreed to the four-week leave. She has worked out how to get a yes from me. Damn Q! I wish I could have made a better case. I could not.

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