My Week: The Book

nominateIt was a busy week putting the finishing touches to my book Cradle to Retirement. The book is finally complete. It will be available on Amazon Kindle from Monday priced at £17.99.


The how to book is about starting your practice from scratch, meaning no client base, no name, and no website. There is a section covering some soul searching questions for the reader to make an assessment whether there are made of the right stuff to enter an increasingly competitive world of a small accountancy practice.

It goes into detail in various stages of growth and challenges ahead. It also outlines Dos and Don’ts of growth.

The book would not be complete without hammering the importance of thinking exit strategy from day 1 of starting a small practice. It shapes the type of practice that the reader wants to develop.


Some of my My Week blogs are also repeated in the book. Your £17.99 will not go to waste. I add an updated commentary to these blogs. In the sense of how some of the blogs shaped my thinking of running a small practice.

Audio Book

The book will also be available on Audible. I am currently looking for someone who can read it in my voice. They are better people that I am who can do this. If you think, you are that person; please let me know.


I do not intend to give any free copies for Amazon reviews. It is to avoid any bias in the reviews.

I will provide a sample chapter of the book in next week ‘s blog.

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