My Week: PM Detox

Business PlanGuten tag, it was the first day of spring on Monday. I am pleased about the fact that when I leave my flat it is daylight and when I depart my office it is still daylight.

Let’s not forget another important event over the week. The online launch of the red iPhone 7. The only aspect that is different, to the existing iPhone 7, is the colour. It does look great. Social media has gone crazy over it. All Apple had to do was change the colour and boom more sales. What a fantastic business model.

I should be talking about MTD and how difficult it will be blah blah blah. AW is full of it. Not here.

Getting down to the mundane of FT Practice Ltd, I do not have much to share folks. It was an okayish week. I want it to be more than okayish. One day, it will be

Intern to Client

I have taken more than my fair share of AW beatings on taking on interns. Even when I take on interns, I no longer mention it in My Week blogs. It is just not worth the aggro. I bring up the subject today because of an unexpected event over the week.

An intern I took on about two years ago became a client. I trained her. She will not be a problem at all, and we are getting an okay fee. She decided, recently, that day to day accounting work was not for her.

Property Purchase

Some of my time was taken up on the property purchase issues. We are getting there. I am both excited and concerned. Excited since I perceive it as a move forward for FT Practice Ltd. Concerned because the reality may not be consistent with my vision. I have a clear idea of how I want the setup and look to be. It will not be easy to get there, but we will try.

Practice Management Detox

I started reviewing our templates and the locations they are saved. They are in a little mess, and the wording in some of them needs improving. I have also just started to use Evernote Business to store the templates.

My plan is to make EN business as a central repository for all practice management Information. The main reason for this is because EN has an excellent search functionality and accessibility of EN on all devices.

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