My Week: Property

wpid-wp-1421367198749.jpegBonjour, I think you know I will start with my predictable phrase, hell it was a tough week. It was folks. There is FT Practice Ltd’s work combined with fee bank clients issues and property purchase.

Life of a small practice owner is not a bed of roses. I do not think we have an exclusive license on tough times. Life, as you know, is terrible, unfair, great and for those who have time- boring.

This is about my week, so, as usual, I will give myself the space to talk about the most important person in My Week blogs.

Property Purchase

There was an exchange of long emails between myself and my conveyancing solicitor. There were some time-consuming actions that I had to take time out for. The whole purchasing process is a distraction from our core business – 100% of my attention to meeting client needs.

We are still at an early stage of property purchase transaction. If and when the contract is signed, my distraction will continue. Once those keys are in my hand, I will be in the setting up mode. It will be:

  • Getting that look of the premises right
  • Layout right
  • Appointing people to do some internal and external work
  • Insurance arranging
  • Changing address
  • Letting my God (Google) know

I can go on it scares me. Let’move on from this subject.

Stability of Systems

Due to significant changes going on in other areas, one critical area I will not change is our systems and software. Any major change here would finish me off. I am more or less happy with our current systems. I can see areas of improvements, but I do not have the luxury of time to implement changes. For the moment, on this important front, it will be business as usual.

The only areas we will be moving on from is BrightPay. The other area is helpdesk software implementation.

Longer Days

Thankfully the days are getting longer. It makes cycling safer and more enjoyable. Though I always allow for that moron factor on the roads (no different to Any Answers). Some sacks of meat, just do not care. Particularly those with an overfill of testosterone level.

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