My Day: Thursday 16 March 2017

my new bikeIt was a stressful and a slightly different day.

I worked from home since I had a dental appointment in the middle of the day. It did not make sense to go to the office.

I did get some work done. I tell you, I am not the working from home type. I felt isolated and my productivity was not quite there. I missed my bike road to the office.

We are all different, some people are more productive working from home. Fair enough and there is nothing wrong with it.

I am very busy and stressed. The following really got to me today:

  • Solicitors emails around property purchase. I have to do a lot of work before, I get those keys. Doing it my own is not easy.
  • A client told me off for his high VAT bill. What can I do! It is his business. Of course, I was diplomatic.

Too much going in my professional life. Just want it all settled. Being ambitious has some big downsides. Stress is one of the big one. Though a totally stress-free life would be damn right boring.

Not sure, if I will do My Week blogs. I may just stick to My Day blogs now. Let’s see.

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