My Week: Sharks

EvernoteHola! We are into the third month of the year. It means we only have nine months to see 2017 out and for me to add a wrinkle or two to my ageing body.

On a positive note, at least I have My Week blog. Brillant respite from an otherwise stressful and a challenging week.



I have taken my eye of the marketing ball. In fact, that ball is no longer in the air. Since October last year, It has been and is very much an internal focus on FT Practice Ltd. Over the week, it came to light the price of internal focus is fall in local Google ranking.


Pre-October 2017, FT Practice Ltd was number one in the local Google ranking. They were occasions a well-known accountancy franchisee was on top. Overall, I was the king of local accountants Google ranking. It took time, effort and money to get there.

Our local Google ranking is now 4 or 5 on the google page 1 page. It is just two or so ranking away from page 2 of Google. Evidence proves that lower the Google page you are it correlates with the number of new inquiries. My recent experience backs this evidence.


If you are a small practice owner, I do not need to tell you the importance of keeping a very close eye on other sharks in the water. You really have to be on the ball. Those sharks, want your higher rank and understandably so.

Trying to get back to being number one involves committing time and money. Here is the thing, due to time constraints, for the moment, I will do my very best to make sure FT Practice Ltd is not relegated to Google dead zone. That as you know is anything that is NOT Google page 1.

Practice Work

It was an incredibly busy week for us. As I have mentioned before, since November 2016, it has been a stressful period. I think you already know the reasons for our busyness:

  • Fee bank purchase
  • Property Purchase
  • Client queries
  • Spring Budget – queries arising from this.

It was a week where my hayfever misbehaved and gave me terrible headaches and some sleepless nights. It was also a week where I lost my professionalism with a fee bank client. She drove me nuts. Yes, I know the accountant’s code of professionalism. On this occasion, I failed miserably and I am not happy about it.

I have not been in a position before, where I feel I am talking to a client in some alien language. Further, time, stress level and fee do not match. I have more or less said goodbye to the client in question.

On a positive note, I am now an Evernote Certified Consultant. I passed the assessment. Time spent to gain certification was about 20 hours spread over a few weekends.

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