My Week: Fear of Change

blogging_quoteThe success of bags of meat being at the top of the food chain is because we adapt and change our environment drastically to meet our selfish needs. So why am I fearing the change that I am voluntarily enforcing on myself?

It is because of uncertainty and risk. In my big fish small pond world, my decision is a thumping big one. Thanks for bearing with me so far– that decision is purchasing a commercial property for FT Practice Ltd – GULP!

The way my week has gone, ownership of a commercial property is likely to become a reality. Each day, over the week, I was getting closer to that reality.

I am questioning myself, is this the right move? Is this what I want? Am I too old for all this? Should I take a back seat? Why the hell did I start all this? I was happy! I love the serviced office. I am comfortable in my comfort zone. I no longer want to get out of my comfort zone!

What is my fear? IT MAY NOT WORK. I will LOSE a lot of MONEY. I earned every penny. No inheritance (quite the opposite) or handouts. As you age, there is the added fear – Maybe I will not be able to cope with what will be thrown at me. We all have these fears. It is normal. I think.

There is something in me that wants to do this and improve my big fish small pond world. I cannot stay where I am. I need to get out of my comfort zone. To change and improve it is important to get out of one’s comfort zone. It may or may or may not work; I have to do this. I will do whatever is needed to make it work.

If I do not do what I have to do, I will be in a far worse state than I am now. I have a dream! It is a dream of a big fish small pond practice owner.

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