My Week: Yes No Maybe

yes-no-maybeHey, it was the most stressful and emotionally draining week of the year. As you know, it is expected with any property transaction. With a commercial property, there is the added stress of the good old local authority.

After a fair amount of stressful, emotionally draining negotiation and toing and froing, my offer on the commercial property was accepted. You would think – YESSSS!! Oh no, it does not end there. There is more and more.

There is finding a solicitor who does not charge the earth for what is, in fact, compliance work and even more fun is the change of use application to the local authority. Thankfully, this can now all be done online.

After making my bank balance £400 lighter, I have to wait eight long weeks for a decision on the application. Yes, you read that right – 8 weeks! I hope the seller does not find someone else in the intervening period. If I do not get the consent, I will not sign the contract. If I cannot operate from the premises, it is of no use to me.

Believe me, commercial property in my parts are not easy to come by. Those that are in the market, it is NOT easy to seal the deal. It is a complete nightmare.

Evernote Business

It was also the week of completing the time-consuming online assignments of Evernote (EN) Business Certified Consultant course. I learned a great deal from the course. EN is a fantastic tool for both personal life and to use in practice. I learned the real value of EN by doing the course.  The result of my certification will be out within the next few weeks. Either way, I benefitted from taking the course.

Next Phase

On the basis the property purchase deal goes through, FT Practice Ltd will be in the next phase of its development. It started from home, then moved to a small serviced office. This was then followed by another move to a bigger service office in the same building and if all goes ahead – FT Practice Ltd’s own property! Oh yes, there was also the fee bank purchase.

Starting from Scratch

I cannot describe fully, the satisfaction, stress and at times sleepless nights FT Practice Ltd gives me. Overall, I am left with such a great feeling when I think about starting with zero clients, no practice experience, the naysayers, the doubters and put downers. Despite all this; I am making good progress. The best of all folks – I am DOING IT MY WAY!

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