My Week: Real Buzz

successFebruary is supposed to be a fairly easy going period for us. Our week was incredibly busy. It is as if the month of January has extended into February.

Thankfully, it is a good busy period. Without much effort, the client base is growing. This time, and for the first time, it is a different type of growth. It is from existing clients who are either starting new ventures or expanding their current business. Honestly, since the start of 2017, there is a real buzz in FT Practice Ltd. Exciting times.

Adam’s Quotation

On Wednesday 8 February 2017 at 7:30 am, I was standing outside the retail unit, that I may purchase, in my high viz jacket and my bike, waiting for Adam (office designer and fitter). Adam’s role is to provide a quotation for an office fit out.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, it is at an early stage of my due diligence. The fact I am undertaking the due diligence does NOT mean I will go ahead. It means I am looking at the viability or otherwise of going ahead!

Adam will email his quotation by next Friday. I will then review the costs, and if I make an offer, it will take account of renovation costs. Remember, the seller is likely to have other offers, that she may prefer. In other words, I am no way near getting the keys to the unit.

In any property transaction, it is a long road. When solicitors come on board, it stretches the time frame even further. Even at this stage, as I have no doubt you know, either party can drop out.


I was freezing my massive backside off during my bike commute to the office and back. I cannot say, my commute was pleasant over the week. It was not helped by gray and depressing days. Where are you summer!

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