My Week: ॐ

istock_000012734863smallNamaste, last Tuesday, unless you have recently awakened from your cryogenic sleep, you know that it was the last day to press that submit button for tax returns to be in the inbox of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

In my case, once I pressed that button on the last tax return, my mind went through Om ॐ chant for that inner peace.

Please understand, I was not born into the Om religion. I am a prostitute of religion; I will grab whatever works for me from any religion. I am NOT loyal to any single faith.  As a whole, none of them make any logical sense.

Hell, my blogs are not meant to talk about religion and tax.

On reflection, it is best I accept January stress as an occupational hazard. This way, at least my body and brain are prepared to accept the behaviour of some unreasonable sacks of meat. All I can do is my best and, within reason, work around them. It is only for a month.

2017 Starts Now

In my view accountants in practice new year starts after we have pressed that submit button on our last tax return on 31 January. Before this, all we have in our brain is to meet that deadline for ALL clients.

New Start

On Wednesday morning at 7:30 am on 1 February 2017, my new year started with viewing business premises for our practice. I love our current office. I am exploring the option of moving because the current location is not ideal. I want to be more in town.

The property I viewed is a shop front. I am no longer a big fan of shop fronts. It is just that the location and the terms of the unit in question are in line with what I would like.

Remember, it is very early days; there is a fair amount of due diligence to go through if and when that contract is signed.

Next week, on Wednesday morning at 7:30 am, I am going to the premises again with a designer/office fitter so he can provide me with a quotation on getting the premises to a standard that would be considered an accountant’s office. Following this, I will start forecasting my income and expenses that will help with my decision making on whether I should sign on the dotted line.

Staying an Early Riser

Waking up a couple of hours earlier has made a significant difference to my productivity. This good habit was born out of January workload. It will remain a habit.


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