My Week: Life’s Gems

Life is like

Similar to a significant number of accountants at this time of the year, I have no doubt, it was another stressful January week. It is not to say that our progress has slowed down. We are doing well. Though at times, it got too much. The good news is that 31st is not that far now. I want it to be tomorrow.


Commute to the Office

I still love the winter early mornings cycle commute to the office. When I leave my flat, it is dark, and during my journey, the daylight breaks. It is such a waste to be in bed and miss out on this aspect of life’s pleasure. Mind you it is not easy for me to leave my cosy bed at 5:30 am. When I think about my commute and that daylight breaking through, it motivates me to get in my freezing bathroom.

Love Life

There is something about 2017, I value and appreciate being alive, not in any pain and have what I think, despite the downsides, a perfect job. All this maybe because I think about my mortality a lot more now.

I have the usual problems that nonbillionaires have, but I am a lot happier in 2017. It maybe because with that expiry date getting closer and closer every day, I love life and I want to be happy with whatever time I have left before ill health is followed by being put 6 feet under. It will happen to all of us.

Let’s talk Robots

iRobot Roomba is functioning within the parameters of The Three Laws of Robotics. Roomba is a real help to the extent I am thinking about getting a top spec Roomba. Very very expensive! I have also added Roomba’s brother (mop) to FT household – T

I have to say, so far I am pleased with both the robots. This weekend, I will have the time to relax and not worry about cleaning. I did it all yesterday. The robots were doing their bit, and I was doing mine.

Fluffy Stuff

Remember, it is January. I am doing, as some would say “real work.” It means, for the rest of the month, I cannot work on activities that add value to the business. The fluffy stuff.

I am saying all this because my recent blogs have more than average content on personal aspects and not so much about my small practice. Can’t be helped.

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