My Week: Rise and Shine!

Sleepless nightsOver the week, I woke up 2 hours earlier on cold winter mornings, got ready and got on the bike a lot earlier, all wrapped with my high viz jacket.

Getting to the office sooner, meant I was far more productive since I was not disturbed during the best hours of the day. I intend to keep my rise and shine routine, even after January.

Overall, although stressful, it was a week where we made excellent progress with our workload.

Q’s confidence

I am pleased to say that Q is coming out of her shell. She is gaining confidence, and the normally quiet Q is beginning to talk now. Not only does she speak to me but also few other people in the office block. For Q that is a significant step forward. It has taken a lot to build her confidence. I hope her progress continues.


It does not feel pity, or remorse, or fear. I am talking about my very recently purchased iRobot Roomba.I will give my opinion on it after using it for a few days.

Roomba video:

My cleaner left with her newly acquired husband. I cannot be bothered to find another cleaner. I hope Roomba can do the vacuuming to a good standard. The rest of the cleaning is easy.

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