My Week: Premium Month

cyclingOver the week, even in the freezing cold and with all the risks, I loved my early morning cycle commute to the office. During the accountants Christmas season, I am even more concerned about my safety. It is dangerous out there for cyclists.

Being a small practice, loss of time of just one person in THE month would have a significant adverse impact on the practice.

The worst part is even with considerably less traffic; I had more than my average number of near misses over the week. It is scary. I am tempted to take the bus during the accountants Christmas season only.

Busing it takes too long, and it is so boring. Walking is even worse. Though worst of all is driving. I cannot bear to be in a metal cage (killing machine). Enough of my rambling!

Best I get to the meat and potatoes of my week. As expected, it was a challenging first week of 2017. If we did not have block fees on board, then it would have been a breeze. Having said that, buying block fees, for the long term, was a good move. It just that damn January got in the way.

Day by Day, block fees clients are progressively accepting that they are FT Practice Ltd’s clients. Pretty soon, Block Fees Ltd will be nothing more than a good experience for them. That change takes time and effort! Real effort! We will get there. I know we will.

I am getting to the office an hour earlier, since it is that so special month for an aspirational accountant like me (huh!).

With the past organic growth, block fee clients and long term clients, the number of client queries we receive has increased at least four-fold. In our premium month, it is stressful to try and keep several balls in the air. You just do what you can do and just go through some sleepless nights. It goes with the territory.

From next week, my plan is to get to the office couple of hours earlier in our ever so special month. This way, I have some time to myself, before Q and further client queries press that start button for the day.

I think in our MONTH, I will put aside all the fluffy and very much needed bit of running a small practice. It will be head down and do the best we can to get our ever so special season out of the way. It can not come quick enough folks!

Note to self.

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