My Week: 2017 Brainstorming

New Years EveIt was not a normal work week, because of the time of the year. It has been great not to make any real effort to keep the INBOX to zero. The emails that we did receive were easily actioned.

On Wednesday, I had an enjoyable lunch meeting with M (ex-employee). It was just to catch up with each other. She is doing well. She is studying for CIOT exams. We will continue to meet every three months or so. I have a strong feeling, at some stage, M will end up working in FT Practice Ltd.

Being less busy also gave me time to think as to the direction I would like the practice to take in 2017. Writing My Year 2016 blogs (so worth it!), really brought home to me as to how short a year is. It feels like 2016 ended in 12 days and NOT 12 months!

Here is what I have come up with so far, as to practice’s direction in 2017. They are my initial thoughts that I was keen to put in writing. I will reflect further and change the plans as appropriate. I may share my detailed plans in one of the later blogs.

What will be different about FT Practice Ltd?

The theme for 2017 will be Consolidate and Improve. The key difference will be that in 2017 growth will no longer be a priority over everything else. We will consolidate and enhance our efficiency. Here is what I mean:

What areas will we work on (outside the normal day to day)?

  • Growth meant we stopped thinking about how we can improve our internal process to bring efficiencies. 2016 was all about getting new business and getting the work done. We did not have the time to pause and think. It is pausing and thinking that I so want in 2017.
  • Get our Practice Management Systems to a very high level of efficiency. Q has not fully bought into XPM. She still has her spreadsheets. I will need to get Q to trust XPM.
  • Improve electronic filing system and more email templates to improve efficiency.
  • Better planning of our workload and deadlines.
  • Review client list and think about clients who are not financially viable. Increase fees or get rid . There is no point in keeping clients whose fees do not match the workload.

How will I be different?

  • Do all I can NOT to go into growth mode. It is okay to take the foot of the growth gas for a year. I need to keep saying this to myself.
  • Look after myself mentally, physically and emotionally. Take some time off from FT Practice Ltd. NOT to make FT Practice Ltd the only thing in my life. PLAN some time off! I think, the practice is now at a stage where I can do all this.
  • Weekends off FT Practice Ltd.

If I want 2017 to be different, I need to think and do different.

Care to comment?

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