My Week: Thank You

blogging_quoteMy week was not hugely different to previous few weeks, and I do not want to bore you with the same old same old. Since we are now in the holiday season, please allow My Week blog to take a different juncture from the day to day life of big fish, small pond small practice owner. I will talk about blogs and blogging.

One of the beauties of being a blogger is, within reason, I can blog about anything I like. It is this control that I love. TBH, most times, I do not think what you as the reader will make of my blogs. If I did, I would not be able to write. My blogs would be safe and damn right boring. I would not learn anything from them.

I am NOT so interested in your motivation in reading my blogs. It may be car crash accounting; it may be like watching a soap, or you may gain an insight into workings of a small practice. It is the fact that you click that interests me. I miss seeing my censored click rate.

As you know, AW has the usual highbrow blogs that Sift’s loves. They are also the commercial blogs and small practice blogs, each small practice owner bringing their unique perspective. These are the blogs that I like to read. Sadly, AW lacks variety in this category of blogs. I hope 2017 brings some excitement in this group.

I know a fair number of people found the CEO blogs, and Financial Controller’s blogs interesting. Unfortunately, Sift’s attempt to find replacement bloggers in this category, even with providing them with the privileged position of top level exposure, has not worked (dosh always works). I hope 2017 bear fruits on this front for Sift. Variety is the spice of blogs.

I will continue to blog in 2017. Thank you, for reading my blogs and commenting on them. I know, I am terrible in not responding to your comments. I wish I could say I will change in 2017. It will NOT happen.

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