My Week: Change

let goChange, like death and taxes, is a certainty of life. The small office block where we are based is going through changes, that I wish could wait until the end of January 2017.

I want some comfort during the stressful tax returns season. That familiarity of talking to and seeing the same people day in day out leaves me feeling it is all okay. Life goes on.

The people I like to see every day, in our office block, are moving on. The office block employee has a new job starting January. Some tenants will terminate their tenancy since they are relocating for personal and/or business reasons.

The landlord will not have any problems in finding new tenants. Offices tend to go very fast. I understand, there is a waiting list. How can that be? It is not the most desirable area, and I would not say the rent is cheap.

I have known some of the people, who are leaving, from my very early days of moving in a small office. I talk them about business, life outside w0rk and other typical human interaction topics. I will miss them. Stupid of me I know, but I would not have given the matter much thought if I was not under so much stress. I do not want more change until February!

Client Match

At rare times, a client is just not the right fit for the practice. It is the way the client works and the personality of the client it so out of sync with the culture and ethos of the practice that it simply does not work. In this case, it is best to part company on good terms.

Our client of two years finally decided to move on. She accepted the accountant-client relationship is not working. I mentioned to her, several times, that I was not the right accountant for her.

A client leaving was one positive aspect of my otherwise tough week.

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