My Week: Closed For New Business

ClosedMy week was even busier than last week. It was another stressful week where the work demands very nearly drove me nuts. Thankfully, most nights, I am now managing to get a good night’s sleep. I hope this continues.

You have to understand stressful period is to be expected. It is the time of the year, combined with block fees acquisition. Added to this, once again, organic growth has got it’s time so damn totally wrong.

I know this difficult time will pass. I just have to put in the hours. Looking at it from a different perspective, at least I have a practice that, for the moment, is going the way I want regarding client numbers. I will also be increasing fees for new clients. I think I now have that luxury.

I came across another practice’s website. On its Home page, they had a massive notice stating “CLOSED FOR NEW BUSINESS.” Reading the detail, they had a clear message saying that they are not taking on new clients at this stage. Wow! That is a luxury I would love to have.

Think about it. The practice in question, have expanded to such a level they have put on their website, that they do not want any further growth!

I do not see myself every saying “CLOSED FOR NEW BUSINESS.” How can any practice say this?

I so want January to pass asap. I do not think the great and the good like accountants to set January as THE MONTH!

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