My Week: AAGH!!

Bike headerI am not having an easy time. No. I am having a rotten time. That will be the case at least until the end of January. It is work work work.  All work and no play makes FT exhausted, less likely to lose the bulge and total you know what.

Last week I worked 6.5 days. This week, I am in the office today, and I will be in tomorrow. I prefer to work rather than stress myself further and keep thinking about how much I have to do.

Please do not underestimate the amount of work involved even if you buy the most organised fee bank. Even with a small fee bank, you are talking about an immediate increase in your workload. There is also not knowing the clients who make up the fee bank purchased.

Do not forget, you also have your organic growth clients that you have to keep an eye on. Our organic growth is also continuing though at a slower pace than before since all marketing activity has now stopped. I have taken on some good fee clients.

We are doing our best to meet the needs of fee bank clients, FT Practice Ltd’s clients and new organic growth clients. There are also my personal issues going on in the background. AAGH!!

I wanted rapid growth, and I got it! I underestimated the amount of work involved when you do not know the clients you have acquired.

Some nights I cannot sleep, so I just get up and start working. There is no point in trying to get some sleep when the brain plain right says get work sorted!

The morning cycle commute to the office is such a destresser on crisp winter mornings. I would be on pills without my daily cycling commute. Talking of pills, for my age, I am lucky enough not to be on any pills. I put this to my cycling. I would not call myself fit. Far from it.

To retain my sanity, I keep telling myself it will get better. This stressful period will pass. I will then be easy on myself in trying to get further growth.

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