My Week: Less Small

iStock_000008935983Large.jpgI feel like running away on some desert island where no one would bother me. All I would do is sleep and eat my supply of decent food guilt free. I would enjoy every minute of the sunshine. Internet free and not contactable! Just for a few days. I can dream.

It was not an easy week. Being less small has resulted in an immediate in our workload. There is also the important work of getting to know the new clients. Thankfully, the sellers of the small fee bank purchased are very helpful. Otherwise, it could have been a lot worse.

Q’s Professional Development

Compared to her day 1, Q has developed professionally. Her confidence is growing, and her written communication skills have shown a marked improvement. For the first time, she met a low few client. There were no complicated issues.

I was a little naughty in the sense that I did not tell her that the client was coming for a meeting. Ten minutes before the meeting, I want for my lunch time walk. That was the only way Q would meet the client and handle all the issues in a face to face meeting. It worked. She really did not have any other real option. For a first meeting, she handled it well. She just lacks confidence. With experience, that will change.

Advisory work

Since day 1 of going on my own, it was never on my agenda to take on an advisory role with our small business clients. It is NOT that I cannot do this work. It is because the pay is not decent enough compared to what I bring into this role. The clientele we have, would not pay my price.

Over the week, I was sucked in a consultative role. It just happened. I was comfortable with it and I liked it. The pay was just not good enough for me to do advisory work. I will not do this again. I rather work on my business rather than advise small business how to run theirs.

Further, if I get involved in an advisory role, I will not get to my utopia practice. By this I mean, my small practice running without me like a well-oiled compliance production line.

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