Book Review: Part 5


This is my review of part five of How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life by Heather Townsend and Jo Larbie.

The book is split into six parts. I will be reviewing each part in a fresh blog as I finish reading it. Here are the links to parts I reviewed earlier:

Part 5: On partner track – the final steps

All the hard work and a dry mouth after all the backside licking you are now at the final hurdle to get that hot partnership seat. Part 5 will help you to clinch that position that you so desire.  It will give you that push for the final hurdle.

It covers the partnership selection process extensively. I do not think it leaves any stone unturned. It goes as far as outlining senior fee earner language and a partner language. They are subtle differences which are vital you know to get to your dream goal.

I like the fact that both a personal case (you need to be “one of the club”) and a business case ( you need to bring in sufficient amount of dosh) for a partnership are well covered.

The long selection partnership process is explained in depth. It outlines what you will do at an assessment centre. You could spend anywhere from a day to three days of your life, allowing the great and the good the privilege to get to know you so that they can assess if you are talented enough and like them enough for them to share their delicious pie with you.

In your desperation to get that hot seat, part 5, will keep your feet on the ground by describing how you should undertake due diligence on the business you intend to become a part owner.

If you are successful in getting the keys to the executive toilets, you will move from being a senior fee earner to a Partner. The first shock on your appointment as a partner will be seeing your P45, given to you in a luxury envelope since you will no longer be an employee of the madhouse that you so wanted to part own.You will share the profits with all other typical accountancy practice bottom line minded partners.

If you are of a rat race bent, you will find part 5 helpful. Just this part of the book is worth its cover price.

I give part 5, 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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