Book Review: Part 4

successThis is my review of part four of How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life by Heather Townsend and Jo Larbie.

The book is split into six parts. I will be reviewing each part in a fresh blog as I finish reading it. Here are the links to parts I reviewed earlier:

Part 4 -How to build your own client portfolio and team

Part 4 of the book was not a good read for me. I felt it should have been concise in helping you get that partnership hot seat.

It covers what you need to do to get to that critical rung of your rat race partnership ladder. It is about having and building your client portfolio and keeping your team motivated to get results.

The section covers:

  • How you can become a ‘go to’ expert where you work and also outside your practice. You need to start off by making sure you have a favorable personal brand. This means how the great and the good perceive you in the madhouse that you call your work place. It is equally important that you have good profile. This means getting yourself known to the great and the good who are the key people leading you to your hot seat. Part 4 will provide you a detailed “How-to” to build your personal brand and your profile. Make sure you have that pencil, paper and motivation ready. It is a full-time job in itself.


  • Choose a specialism and niche that will turbo charge your rat race to that partnership hot seat. It outlines the benefits of having a niche and if you have the patience of such a prescriptive approach, how to find your niche. It also provides detailed guidance on how to become a go-to expert in your chosen field. Not forgetting, as a result, you will become serious hot partnership material in your workplace.


  • The quality of your relationships with those internal and external to your practice are important. This is because you are in people business. The section covers how and with whom to have business relationships that will get you closer to your dream goal.


  • One of the key reasons for the person sitting next to you not getting the keys to the executive toilets is because he/she has NOT built a significant enough client base that would be considered partnership worthy. For that hot seat, you need to bring in the punters. Part 4, covers in great detail how you build a client base so that you will be considered an irresistible hot property by the great and the good decision makers in your practice.


  • As potential partnership material you need to demonstrate that you can get most out of people to get the work done and improve your practice’s bottom line. The words used are managing and leading people. It goes in depth on how you can manage and lead effectively. It covers the key topic of motivation and the need to have an understanding that people are different. As a result, people that you lead and manage will be motivated by different aspects.

My Views

Please read the book and think seriously, if you want to follow such a prescriptive approach to get to your hot seat. To give credit to the writers, they have done their research and have provided a how-to to achieve your partnership goal.

Like any book we read, there is always something we gain out of it. I think I should have read this book years earlier; it would have given me a good understanding of workplace politics in my far too many naïve years. Also, I would have benefitted from knowing about the importance of a favorable personal brand and a good profile.

I give section 4, 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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