My Week: Ex-Employees

Annual Returns and Annual AccountsI have no doubt, as a small practice owner, you know, to grow beyond a sole practitioner stage, we need people. IT cannot replace a human with a highly developed brain, eyesight, and other complex human functions that science, so far, has not been able to fully replace. I doubt if technology will ever replace the complex human brain. It will remain science (Star Trek) fiction.

Getting the business in and retaining it, as you know, is vital for a practice to survive and proper. Equally important, are the people who you allow entry to your business.

Regardless of the size of our practice, finding the right fit employee(s) is the most important business decision we make. Get it wrong, and the success of our business would be adversely affected. Conversely, get it right, and it will have a direct impact on our business success.

With M (ex-employee) I got it spot on. She was a near perfect fit for my practice. I lost her since she got a job that offered a substantially higher salary. We have stayed in touch. She confirmed that she was the best fit last Saturday. She came to the office and helped me out since Q is on leave. Furthermore, she refused to be paid for her time.

I have no doubt; M’s predecessor would have come if I had asked him. Thankfully, my decisions on those who I allowed entry to my practice have been right in the main. Hey, we are talking about unpredictable emotional and irrational human beings. There is no scientific way to get this right. We can do all the assessments and still get it so wrong.

In my case, I would NOT go ahead if my everything else was not backed up by my gut feeling. Tests cannot replace that bottom line human gut judgment.

Please do not misunderstand me, Q is right for the practice. I would have a tough time without her. She would not come over a weekend as an ex-employee. I would not expect that. When it happens, it is something!


We are making progress with XPM. We are not at a stage, where it can be used as a trusted system. We will get there.

B is busy with his studies. He was in for two days this week, and he will be in only for a day next week. It has slowed our progress considerably. We can only do what we can do. I want XPM to become our trusted system asap. By the end of November, we will be there. That will also be the time when B’s contract ends with us.


I realised this week that Q had done as much work as she could, to make it easier for me, before she went on leave.It has avoided making my situation far worse.

Not allowing her the leave to see her relations will not be good for her morale. I want to retain her. I am very likely to give my okay again for her to have ALL her leave in one go.

Health and Wellbeing

I have continued with my 40 minutes lunch time walks. It is important to leave the desk and get out.

The autumn morning  cycle commute to the office is relaxing. At the same time, large vehicles and terrible drivers always affect my enjoyment. Despite putting my safety at risk every day, something in me just wants to continue with this mode of commuting.

Get on your bikes people! It will make the roads so much safer and also reduce the burden on NHS.

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