My Week – Nirvana

directionJust think for a minute, your practice’s routine work is under control, employees are motivated, Xero Practice Manager (XPM) is a supportive practice engine, and works gets done without any input from you. Clients are chased for outstanding information and credit control is maintained without you. This, my dear small practice owner, would be my place of bliss, delight, and peace. Some, like me, wrongly phrase this as a state of Nirvana. I love this incorrectly used phrase.

Over the week, as I was working on Q’s day to day staff, at the same time I thought that I need to get to that Nirvana state asap. To be free from the day to day stuff, knowing all that all that is well-taken care of by my employees.

If, I should say when, I get to that Nirvana state, I would be ready to work on activities that ADD value to the practice. THAT IS IT. My time would be used only for value adding activities. Rest of the practice work would be taken care of by others.

It is trying to get that Nirvana state, is the reason I would like our XPM up and running asap. We would be a significant step closer.


In addition to the day to day stuff, B and I worked on XPM. Remember, B works three days a week. This week, he was off sick for a day. Further, he helped me with VAT returns that needed to be filed. That left him with only about a day on XPM. Not much, but we still made progress. Once it is fully up as our trusted practice engine, it will be a significant help.

Trusted system

To make XPM our trusted system we need to invest a substantial amount of time and thought in it. We need to be 100% confident that we can rely on XPM as our ground control system. This means that system needs to be checked and cross-checked so that we are more than satisfied it covers all our work and deadlines. Further, the deadlines NEED to accurate.

At this stage, we are no way near whereby XPM can be our trusted system. We are working on it. We will get there. It will take time. I would say it will be about two to three months. I want us to get there a lot sooner. Where possible, I will ask B to spend all his time on setting up of XPM with my guidance.

Comedian Client

I was pleased to sign on a comedian as a client. A great person. He produces information as requested, and he is willing to move to Xero. He is a serious person. I think all comedians are like this when they are not working.

If he makes it big, I hope to continue to be his accountant!

Zero Inbox

I have managed to maintain a zero inbox for the past few weeks. My emails are responded to straight away if they take less than two minutes. Those that take longer are put in Todoist for Gmail to be actioned on a specific day. This way, important emails are not missed, and I have control over my emails.

Health and Wellbeing

I no longer spend my lunch time staring at my monitors reading AW and getting so annoyed. I go out for a long walk. In addition to cycling, the afternoon walk has improved my productivity and keeps me alert. I will continue with this good habit.

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